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CBCT 3D Imaging System

Why X-ray?

Dentists use X-rays to help diagnose damage and disease that is not visible during a clinical dental examination.

This will enable us to visualize the problem area in 3D and reduce the need for guesswork. Additionally, Digital X-rays also have 70% less radiation exposure, and our patients are able to have higher quality images presented to them in a split second.

Intraoral Scanner IOS - Medit i500

We use this IOS for the clear aligner treatment and crown and bridge treatment. 

To eliminate the need for traditional impressions, which can be an uncomfortable experience. This technology also allows us to immediately simulate results for orthodontic treatments during consultation, to provide better understanding and communication.

From these, digital calculations are made to assess your suitability and approximate length of treatment time. All the options and associated costs will be explained. You are able to view models and images which can show you your finished smile, before you even start!

Dental 3D Printer

Prints implant surgical guide for implant surgery.

Implant Surgical Guide

Surgical guides are the latest advancement in dental implant technology. A surgical guide is created by taking impressions on an intraoral scan of the desired surgical implant site as well as a computer-guided 3D implant planning system. A surgical guide replicates the exact surfaces of the patient's intraoral setting and assists the surgeon to drill implants into the bone with optimal accuracy. Upon placement on the patient's jaw, the surgical guide uses sleeves to help guide the surgical instruments and implant to the proper location.

Advantages of Using a Surgical Guide

Increased Accuracy

Reduces Surgery Time

Reduces Trauma, Pain and Swelling

Shorter Recovery Time

Promotes Consistent Optimal Implant Placement

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